Let’s get this season started!

Saturday, Feb 27 at 10.00 will see the season kick off

with a practice/education/licence day

All karts must be scrutineered and helmets checked before track entry

For licence enquiries, contact Jayne before hand as she will not be available on the day…

Working Bees

We have quite a few jobs that still need doing, some small, some larger.

Please keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page for the next working bee date.

Any and all help will be much appreciated!

 Please come along and help your club prepare for the season ahead…

Friday night practice sessions added to calendar..

February, June and August will see practice sessions from 6pm until 10pm as a trial – see below

Another great incentive being offered this season by the club…

If you live more than 100km from the track (proof will be required), we will offer a travel rebate off your nomination fees.

This will apply as follows.. 1st senior nomination, $25, $10 rebate. 2nd class senior nomination, $5 rebate etc.

Family nominations for juniors, rookies and midgets, $20 nomination, $5 rebate.

e.g. if you nominate yourself in 2 classes plus have two kids racing, you would pay $85. The rebate will be $25 !!

The rebate is payable to you, in cash, at sign in.

Race Dates 2021

(Please note – Trophy Days etc for various classes will be advised as and when we can)

Feb 27 – Education, Practice, Licence Day

Mar 26 – Practice 6pm to 10pm

Mar 27 – Race Meeting

Apr 2 – Friday night Speedway Style (Easter Friday)

Apr 4 – Race Meeting (Easter Sunday)

With Riverland Speedway on Saturday night, this is a 3 night racing weekend. Camping available at the track.

May 1, 2 – SA Titles – Blanchetown

May 30 – Race Meeting

Jun 11 – Practice 6pm to 10pm

Jun 12 – Riverland 2 Dayer (Day 1 Renmark)

Jun 13 – Riverland 2 Dayer (Day 2 Loxton)

Jul 24 – Race Meeting

Aug 27 – Practice 6pm to 10pm

Aug 28 – Race Meeting

Sep 18 – Race Meeting

Oct 1, 2, 3 – National Titles – Morgan

Oct 9 – Club Championship

Dec 18 – Presentation Day

2021 AIDKA South Australia Calendar Below

To access other states, please go to the AIDKA website

Buy Tickets Now!

Renmark Kart Club has been selected to partner with Play for PurposeThis is a great opportunity to raise funds for our club. $5.00 from every ticket sale goes back to us! 

The third lottery is open now. Please buy tickets in this one too even if you have already bought tickets in 1 and 2. Never give up!

This lottery closing soon…

Click the logo, buy your tickets and help us out!

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